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Cashew Juice Nectar
You’re probably thinking ‘I know there is a cashew nut but what the heck is a cashew fruit?’ Well, the famous nut actually grows from the bottom of the cashew fruit or cashew apple. The cashew apple grows in the northeastern part of Brazil. This fruit is very popular in Brazil and is made into juices, jams and syrups. 
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Our cashew nectar is loaded with Vitamin C (108% per 8oz) and contains iron and fiber.

This light and refreshing juice is made from fresh fruit, never from concentrate (don’t worry, it doesn’t taste like the cashew nut and it doesn’t contain any nuts). Each 10oz bottle contains 1 cashew apple and there are 3 cashew apples in every 1 liter carton.

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6x1 Liter Cashew Fruit Nectars (33.8 oz each)  


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